REM back internet free speech campaign

Bands sign up for Rock The Net

R.E.M, Ok Go, Calexico and Rogue Wave are among the musicians supporting the Rock The Net Campaign, which seeks to keep the internet free and open for all.

Recent rumblings have indicated that US internet service providers are seeking to change the way the internet operates by charging a fee to have some internet sites load faster than others.

In order to prevent this from happening, several musicians are banding together to demonstrate their opposition through petitions, concerts, and publicising the cause.

According to the Rock The Net website, the musicians are endorsing “Net Neutrality – the principle that preserves a free and open internet…and ensures that all users can access the content, or run the applications and devices of their choice.”

The statement continues: “As musicians and entrepreneurs, we understand the importance of treating all websites equally – from the busiest online music store to the smallest blog. We urge Congress to support network neutrality.”

To date, 155 bands and 29 record labels have joined the campaign, and several Rock The Net shows have been planned throughout the United States.

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–By our Los Angeles staff.

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