REM’s Mike Mills: “I’ll never forgive Trump and I won’t stop talking about it.”

Frontman Michael Stipe also thinks the president is a 'bozo'.

It’s no secret that REM‘s Mike Mills isn’t a fan of Donald Trump, tweeting regularly about his dislike for the US president.

During NME’s live Q&A with Mills and Michael Stipe today (November 10) – to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their seminal album ‘Automatic For The People’ – the pair were asked about how politically charged tracks on the album relate to the current state of America, where they expanded on their views.

Referencing their song ‘Ignoreland’, Mills responds: “It’s a sad fact that that song is as relevant if not more so now than it was then, it’s really disheartening….It is a very chaotic mess of a song because that’s how we felt about the current political situation.”


R.E.M Live Q&A: Michael Stipe, Mike Mills

?Attention R.E.M. fans?: celebrate 25 years of ‘Automatic For The People’ in style with NME. We’re live right now at a special Q&A with Michael Stipe and Mike Mills.

Posted by NME on Friday, November 10, 2017

“It’s not just who he is and what he represents,” Mills continues, talking about Donald Trump.

“It’s what he’s done to the American political process. He has allowed stupidity to be the coin of the realm, he has allowed thinking that has been and should always be marginalised and on the edges to become almost part of the mainstream.

“So it’s not just his policies, it’s not just his stupidity – it’s what he’s done and what he’s allowed to happen and I’ll never forgive him for it and I won’t stop talking about it.”

Stipe argues: “I think you’re giving him too much credit. It’s really the Republicans who invited him to the table and then didn’t say, ‘Get the fuck out’. He’s just a bozo.”

“But he’s President Bozo,” responds Mills.


In the chat, Stipe also blames the media and the Republican party for Trumps ascension into the White House, which he has previously spoken out about.

You can listen to a previously unreleased demo which features on the 25th anniversary reissue here.