Renforshort tackles social media addiction on new song ‘Virtual Reality’

It's about "anxiety, routine, boredom, isolation, loneliness, and fear"

Renforshort has shared a new track called ‘Virtual Reality’ – you can listen to it below.

The song will appear on the Canadian singer-songwriter’s forthcoming second EP, which will follow last year’s ‘Teenage Angst’.

“’Virtual Reality’ is a song that tackles many topics. But at its core, it really is about anxiety, routine, boredom, isolation, loneliness, and fear,” explained Renforshort (aka Lauren Isenberg).


“I think a lot of people have a very unhealthy relationship with technology because it’s never really been restricted enough to consider mental health and overall health, and that has fucked so many people up, now more than ever.”

She continued: “Ever since I was young, social media has played a major role in my mental wellbeing, and I became so accustomed to it, it became a part of my routine and it came before everything else. The moment I wake up, almost instinctively, I check my phone. Depending on what I see in the morning, basically determines how I’m gonna feel for the rest of the day. I hate it.

“But I can’t stop. And what’s most ironic about this all is you’re likely going to read this on social media or listen to the song on some sort of electronic device…”

The distorted, sub-three minute ‘Virtual Reality’ hears Renforshort express being “plugged in and out of touch” while tackling her tendency to “self-sabotage” due to her reliance on digital devices.

I don’t wanna live my life on the internet/ I already smoke electronic cigarettes/ Been inside the last six months and I’m sick of it/ I need something real, I need something real“, she sings over thrashing guitars.


For the single, Renforshort teamed-up with Beabadoobee collaborator Pete Roberston, who explained that he’s “very proud of what we made together”.

“I was blown away. Her delivery of those melodies and the production, it’s all very unique and powerful and I was super excited to work with Pom [Kellen Pomeranz] who is an incredible talent too,” he added.

Last December, Renforshort shared an atmospheric cover of Gorillaz’ classic 2005 single ‘Feel Good Inc’.

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