Happiness is a night in front of Star Wars with Fast from FLC...

What song describes you best?

‘This Must Be The Place’ by Talking Heads.”

What’s your idea of heaven?


“Me and Fast (Fun Lovin’ Criminal boyfriend) sitting on the couch watching Star Wars.”

What’s your idea of hell?

“Having a migraine attack, thinking I might die.”

What’s your earliest memory?

“I was born in Nigeria, and I remember running around a lot in bare feet as a child.”

What is your greatest fear?


“My mum getting ill.”

What’s your greatest talent?

“To sing and dance a bit, and make the best of what I have.”

Who is your all-time hero?

“The only person I look up to a lot is George Lucas. His mind is like a universe in itself.”

What’s the worst trouble you’ve been in?

“When I was at college, a I lived with was going out with this DJ, whose friend had a Rolls-Royce. Unbeknown to all the rest of us, the Fraud Squad were following him. We all ended up under surveillance for weeks, and we didn’t know. It was awful: when it came to the day of reckoning, we were all lined up in the school in front of the heads. These women were saying: ‘We think it’s best if you all go home, it’s for your own protection, s’: just in case we were gonna cause some big scandal for them! It was total guilt by association.”

Who was the first love of your life?

“I didn’t get into boys till quite late. I had this boyfriend called Graham who moved to America. He was on the run from the police, I found out later. And I had this really bad crush on this DJ called Fabio Paras. But I have to say Fast, really.”

Who would you most like to exact revenge upon? Why? How?

“I used to go to ballet school, and there were these older s who used to bully me. This one just d my guts. She would get me into trouble and isolate me. It was really horrible. And to get them back, well, maybe I’ve already done it.”

What is your most treasured possession? “One is my red guitar that Fast bought me. It’s really little and easy to play. And my Star Wars pillowcase. Fast‘s mum, she had kept it in the cupboard from 1977! It comes ’round with me like a comfort blanket.”

What have you most regretted doing while drunk?

“I’ve never drunk – just makes me feel sick.”

Can you cook?

“I can, but I don’t get a chance to.”

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

“There’s no such word as ‘can’t’.”

Can you read music?

“A little bit.”

If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?

“I’d love to be a fly on the wall on the new Star Wars set.”

What are your final three wishes?

“To have a happy home with Fast and lots of dogs. And to have given love and received love.”

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