Reuben go on indefinite hiatus

Camberley band call it a day

Camberley rockers Reuben have gone on indefinite hiatus.

A spokesperson for the band posted a message on the Reuben website announcing that the band would not play any gigs or record music for the foreseeable future. He did not give specific reasons for the split.

The message read: “The band are not planning any more gigs or releases for the foreseeable future – I should make it clear that the band members are all on amicable terms and are supportive of the need to call a halt.

“This seems like a good time to thank everyone who has helped and encouraged Reuben along the way; some of you have been there from the start, others from last week, some are within the music industry, others are simply fans – it doesn’t matter which, you are all important and have given great strength to all concerned.”

Reuben released three albums in their career – 2004’s ‘Racecar Is Racecar Backwards’, 2005’s ‘Very Fast Very Dangerous’ and 2007’s ‘In Nothing We Trust’.