Reverend And The Makers busk in London – video

Jon McClure and his gang take to the streets

Reverend And The Makers went busking in London today (July 31) – taking to Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park then just off Oxford Street.

Watch video footage of the band by clicking below.

Frontman Jon McClure posted a message on his Twitter page, yesterday (July 30) announcing the busking session. Then at 1:30pm (BST) this afternoon the five-some set up their acoustic instruments and played in front of people relaxing in the park.

The Sheffield band played ‘Hidden Persuaders’, ‘Professor Pickles’, ‘Silence Is Talking’, ‘Heavyweight Champion Of The World’ and ‘Miss Brown’ in front of a Hyde Park café – defying earlier orders from a policeman, who said that they weren’t allowed to busk there.

After finishing up the band travelled to Argyll Street, just off the busy Oxford Street, where they played ‘Open Your Window’, ‘Silence Is Talking’, ‘Heavyweight Champion Of The World’, ‘No Wood Just Trees’, ‘Miss Brown’, ‘Hidden Persuaders’ and ‘He Said He Loved Me’.

The group gathered a large crowd for the latter set, with many cheering and tossing coins into the band’s travel case to reward their efforts.

The performances followed similar street shows the band have undertaken in cities including Bristol, Newcastle, Sunderland and Barnsley, in order to promote new album ‘A French Kiss In The Chaos’.

“I’ve always busked anyway, but it’s been going so well in other cities, I’ve just carried on doing it,” McClure told NME.COM.

He added: “We don’t get support off anybody, hardly at all. We’re on an indie label, we’ve got a budget of about 10p. The only way to get across that we’re a real band who play real instruments and write all our own songs [is by playing for them].”