Reverend And The Makers release free anti-BNP song

Plus Franz Ferdinand have also slammed the far-right party

Reverend And The Makers have released a new song, ‘Manifesto/People Shapers’, free online.

The song has an anti-British National Party theme and was made available via a link at frontman Jon McClure‘s Twitter page,, today (June 9).

The song’s release comes in the same week that the far-right BNP won two seats in the European Parliament.

The party was also criticised by Franz Ferdinand drummer Paul Thomson yesterday (June 8).

Writing on the Scottish band’s official website,, he wrote about the recent European Parliament election: “Waking up this morning with the knowledge that two members of a neo-Nazi hate group masquerading as a legitimate political party are to represent the country where I live left me feeling horrified, embarrassed and ashamed.”

He added: “I couldn’t help but notice how one of the two elected, [BNP leader] Nick Griffin‘s rhetoric has shifted towards describing UK residents as ‘indigenous peoples’.

“The BNP is a ‘whites-only’ party, it’s a smokescreen, he’s talking about racial purity here, much like Adolf Hitler did in the 1930s and on the anniversary of D-Day when Britain finally defeated the threat of fascism, many dying for the cause.

“Anyway, that’s me off the soapbox. I’m going to add my face to those opposed to the BNP and their ‘policies’. If you feel the same, then do so too. Just saying.”

Thomson then linked to the Not In My Name petition, which is collecting signatures against the party’s inclusion in the European Parliament.