Jon ‘The Reverend’ McClure’s ‘quitting music’ U-turn

The Rev has said he's changed his mind about giving up

Reverend And The Makers’ Jon ‘The Reverend’ McClure has claimed that he has changed his mind about quitting music.

Last month, Jon McClure said he was planning to quit the music industry after the release of his second album, ‘A French Kiss In The Chaos’, next year.

However, he has since told BBC Newsbeat that he has changed his mind, and that his previous decision was the result of being in a bad state of mind at a particular time.

“I got a bit mental when I got down in the dumps and said I was going to quit but I won’t, I’ll carry on,” he said.

McClure added: “There’s some people I need to put straight on a few things first. I will be back, don’t worry about that, I’m bullet-proof.”