Reverend And The Makers take to the streets

Jon McClure busks at the Electric Proms

Reverend And The Makers took the 2007 BBC Electric Proms to the streets in London tonight (October 26) for a special busking performance.

Lead singer Jon McClure performed an impromptu gig outside the Barfly in Camden following a 60-minute gig inside the venue.

The frontman rolled through a series of classics by The Beatles, Bob Marley and Oasis with his acoustic guitar as fans gathered around to sing along.

Earlier, the Reverend played an intimate set inside The Barfly, comprising of tracks from his debut album ‘The State Of Things’.

Arriving onstage, McClure, who was wearing a black leather jacket and chequed shirt, kicked off the set with the album’s title track.

The singer, who was spotted at Paul McCartney‘s Electric Proms night on Thursday (October 25), joked: “I went to see Paul McCartney last night and he were good, but he wasn’t as good as me.”

Throughout the lively performance, the singer was often seen jogging on the spot and reading a number of poems, including ‘Last Resort’.

As he launched into a rousing rendition of ’18-30′, he told the audience: “This is one is called ‘how to be a dick in Faliraki’.”

Later in the show he picked up a photographer’s camera and took pictures of the audience during ‘Heavyweight Champion Of The World’, which saw the crowd belting out every word to the chart hit.

He rounded off the set with hit single ‘He Said He Loved Me’, which also brought a similar response as the Reverend teamed up with keyboardist Laura Manuel.

He told NME.COM after the show: “It was boss tonight. I loved it. I wasn’t scared because we played the Astoria on Wednesday and somebody came up to me that night and said it was one of the best gigs they’d ever seen so I felt good about tonight. London crowds are a bit stand offish normally but tonight no one was standing still. It were great. And doing a bit of busking is always fun.”

As with previous dates former Arctic Monkeys bassist Andy Nicholson was watching from the sidelines.

“Now and again he gets up and plays bass on ‘Bandits’,” said McClure. “But he’s a bit like my kid brother. He enjoys having a crack with us and that’s why we brought him along.”

Reverend And The Makers played:

‘The State Of Things’

‘What The Milkman Saw’



‘Open Your Window’

‘Politics On Pogo Sticks’

‘Heavyweight Champion Of The World’

‘Miss Brown’

‘Dear Lydia’

‘Sundown On The Empire’

‘The Machine’

‘Armchair Detective’

‘He Said He Loved Me’

The BBC Electric Proms continue tomorrow with performances from Bloc Party and Maps.