The 'retreat issue' features a host of big names - and 50 golden tickets which could win purchasers a very special prize...

RIALTO are to play a special gig in LONDON to mark the launch of the new issue of ‘THE IDLER’ magazine, whose contributors include BLUR bassist ALEX JAMES.

Billed as ‘the retreat issue’, the publication features Louis Theroux interviewing Bill Oddie, Alex James star gazing with Patrick Moore, and Jonathan Ross lunching with comics writer Alan Ball.

Contributors will take over the window display of Tower Records in Piccadilly, London, for a week commencing June 18, in which they will hole themselves up and read ‘The Idler’ to themselves. ‘The Idler’ goes on sale on June 18 in Tower Records and nationwide a week later.

Promotion for the issue will also include a competition to win one of 50 Damien Hirst paintings. Promoted as “a cheap publicity stunt,” the wheeze is said to have been inspired by ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’. Fifty golden tickets will be placed inside copies of the mag.

The launch party with Rialto, who have a new single ‘Anything Could Happen Here’, out on June 18, is being held at 333 Old Street, London, on June 29.

Tickets cost £10 and are available from www.idler.co.uk.