Rialto are releasing their next single exclusively through the Internet...

Rialto will be the first UK chart band to release a single exclusively through the Internet.

The band are releasing a new version of ‘Monday Morning 5:19’ backed with new track ‘Slo Mo Death Blow’ and a CD-ROM version of the lead track’s promo video on July 6 through Interactive Music And Video Store (IMVS). Rialto’s label, China, said the recent NME feature on Internet record sales gave them the impetus to take the plunge and release the single in this way.

The spokesman said: “It’s a wonderful opportunity to do something different and break down taboos in the music industry. And it’s a nice way to get the record to people who might not have an Our Price or whatever in their town. This way, it’ll be on your doorstep in days without having to traipse miles. I think in two or three years’ time, everybody will be doing this. As we’re the first, we’re just going to sit back and see what happens.”


The single is available for #1.99 (including postage and packaging) through IMVS’ virtual record shop. Delivery will take 48 hours. However, Chart Information Network (CIN) rules disregard sales of singles through the Internet, so the single cannot make the UK charts.

A spokesman at CIN agreed that the practice of selling through the Internet would become more commonplace, and said they have communicated with record companies and retailers on how to change its rules most effectively. He told NME: “At the moment, we don’t collect sales from the Internet but it is technically possible and it’s an issue that’s being reviewed.”

Rialto’s eponymous debut album will be available in the usual Earthbound record stores on July 13.

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