Richard Archer says Hard-Fi are considering ‘Stars Of CCTV’ 15th anniversary gig

"That album has defined people’s lives and when they were growing up."

Hard-Fi frontman Richard Archer has said the band are considering an anniversary gig to celebrate 15 years of their seminal debut album ‘Stars of CCTV‘.

In a new interview with NME, Archer explained that the Staines band have “unfinished business”, having last played a live show in 2014.

Discussing the possibility of playing their Mercury Prize nominated debut in full to mark the anniversary, Archer said: “We’ve talked about it, but we’d also like to do some new material, because otherwise you just feel like you’re a heritage act.


“Saying that though, I’ve been to a couple of those anniversary gigs and they’ve been great. At the end of the day, that’s what people want. That album has defined people’s lives and when they were growing up. We’ll definitely do it at some point, but with new music too so we’re not just trading on past glories.”

But Archer admitted that his current focus is on new band OffWorld – who released their debut EP last month.

OffWorld, 2020. CREDIT: Bob Wing

“I was chatting to the boys about finally getting round to doing something. We’ll try and do something, it was always a good laugh but OffWorld is the focus right now,” he said.

Looking back at the band’s heyday, Archer explained how their rise to fame came after he’d been in several other projects which failed to achieve significant success.


“We never expected it to happen and we were just happy to get some music out and hoped we’d get to make another record,” he said.

“It all happened so quickly, after such a long time of building up and being in bands that hadn’t quite worked out. There’s a little bit of you which thinks it’s going to last forever but it never does, no matter who you are. Looking back it was brilliant, but I wish I’d enjoyed it more.”

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