Richard Ashcroft’s ‘Brave New World’

Ex-Verve singer prepares comeback in the new millennium

Ex-Verve singer Richard Ashcroft is working in a West London studio, mixing tracks for his first solo LP, due for release around April 2000. joined him in the studio for an exclusive preview of five tracks – ‘Song For The Lovers’, ‘Come On People’, ‘You On My Mind In My Sleep’, ‘New York’ and ‘Brave New World’ – described by Ashcroft thus :

“My ambition is to do what the Brian Wilsons managed to do, to create music that moves people massively and yet is unique.

“I’m trying to create for myself the biggest rushes of sonic music and love and feeling in music and the excitement of knowing that this is gonna go out from here and people are hopefully gonna be feeling those same rushes.”

On the album, as yet untitled, Ashcroft is joined by veteran steel guitarist BJ Cole, venerable session bassist Pino Palladino, sometime Rolling Stones and Allman Brothers keyboard player Chuck Leavell and Verve drummer Pete Salisbury. The album is co-produced by Ashcroft, who has just split with his manager Jazz Summers, and Chris Potter. Strings are provided by arranger Will Malone.

“My ambition has always been to try and create something that is like no other thing but that strikes a chord in millions of people yet no-one can describe it,” Ashcroft told .com. “To me that’s the ultimate achievement. I really wanna seize the moment this time around.”

Although the first single has not yet been decided, Ashcroft says we should expect a release early next year with live dates to follow.