The solo star reckons his old mates could be "the last of a kind"...

Richard Ashcroft has defended Oasis, saying they could be “the last of a kind”.

Speaking exclusively to NME for a Fan-ish Inquisition, he said: “Their best albums are to come, if they want it. They may not want to. But they’ve got the chance to be the last of a kind…”

He also said: “People will go see Oasis play for 25 years because they caught people’s attention at such a point. We haven’t got another band like that, apart from The Rolling Stones, and I think they should seize that opportunity and enjoy it. They could be the greatest touring band in the world if they wanted.”


He also said the band could improve if Noel Gallagher allowed the other band members to help in songwriting duties.

He said: “I think they could do something special next album if they open up the songwriting and let Liam write some songs, maybe let all the rest of the members express themselves.”

During the interview Ashcroft also responded to Noel‘s criticism in a recent Oasis Fan-ish Inquisition of the former Verve singer’s decision to recruit session musicians for his backing band.

Ashcroft said: “He said something like ‘If you’re reading this Richard, don’t do it’ (about recruiting Pino Pallidino, who has worked with Paul Young and Eric Clapton). I found that highly patronising. And very narrow-minded from someone who hasn’t heard the album. He’ll be enlightened when he hears what I’ve done. Everyone has a history who we work with unless they’re founder members but even founder members were in some shitehawk band before someone steered them away to their destiny.”

Chris Potter, my producer, has a history, Spike Stent, his producer, has a history. The two new guys (Gem Archer and Andy Bell) in Oasis certainly have got a history (laughs). If you judge people by what they’ve done in the past you’re wrong. The proof is in the pudding.”

See next week’s NME for the full Ashcroft Fan-Ish Inquisition.