Yep, is giving you a chance to grill the ex Verve singer for another Fan-Ish Inquisiton...

Richard Ashcroft, whose debut solo single ‘A Song For Lovers’ crashed into the charts at number three last week, is to face his biggest challenge yet this month, courtesy of NME.

Because Ashcroft is the latest star to be the subject of the infamous NME Fan-Ish Inquisition and is giving you the chance to grill him on the issues other journalists have not dared.

Like how much cash would it take for The Verve to reform? Why call a child Sonny? When does he plan to embark on a full UK tour?

This is your one and only chance to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Ashcroft, his life and future plans.

To submit a question to Richard Ashcroft click here to ask your question

Questions must be submitted by Thursday April 24, and the answers will feature in a later issue of NME.