Richard Ashcroft to make live return with two festival dates later this year

Former Verve frontman will appear at festivals in Switzerland and Mexico

Richard Ashcroft has announced plans to make a return to performing live with two festival dates confirmed for later this year.

Ashcroft has not played a full solo gig since he appeared at Latitude Festival in 2013, though he did perform briefly last year at a gig in Dubai.

The former Verve frontman’s live return will take place on October 22 with a solo, acoustic slot at Zermatt Unplugged in Zurich, Switzerland. He will then follow this up with a set at Corona Capital in Mexico City, Mexico on November 22. Both dates are confirmed by International Talent Booking, Ashcroft’s booking agency.


Earlier this year Noel Gallagher said he wants to make an album with Richard Ashcroft, stating that if nothing else the move would really annoy his brother, Liam.

“I haven’t seen Richard for ages but whatever he’s doing I hope he’s making a record. I don’t know anyone who’s got his phone number,” Gallagher said. “The one he gave me he never answers. He lives in a fucking big stately home and I imagine he’s just stoned, thinking, ‘What is that fucking noise?’ That United Nations Of Sound record [2010’s ‘United Nations of Sound’] was a fucking great record. I should make a record with him.”

“Some songs I write I never follow through because I’m not a soul singer,” he adds. “Would that upset Liam? Oh that would be war. More reason to do it! The fact that you’ve now put that in my head means I’m definitely going to follow that through. Hopefully he might give himself a black eye.”

Meanwhile, in 2013 Ashcroft said that he is not interested in reforming The Verve and headlining festivals with the band while new groups are being denied the same slots.

Flatly denying rumours of a Verve reunion, Ashcroft said: “It’s not happening. You have to be real in life and I’m proud that we went in and recorded new material. The whole nostalgia thing is getting suffocating and it’s difficult for younger acts, especially at festivals.”