The star, who has been hiding away recently, joins one of his heroes...

RICHARD ASHCROFT joined DAVID AXELROD onstage last night (March 17).

The unlikely collaboration took place at the orchestral beats pioneer’s rare solo show at London Royal Festival Hall.

Midway through the show Axelrod announced: “I have a special guest. This man says my music makes him feel sane. Ladies and gentlemen, Richard Ashcroft.”

The former Verve star then sang on a version of the Electric Prunes song ‘Holy Are You’, at the end of which he got down on his knees. The Verve regularly used the song as their intro tape.

Axelrod also played ‘The Edge’, the track which Dr Dre sampled on ‘The Next Episode’, saying: “You know what, I hated this sample ‘cos it took jobs away from musicians,” before turning to his band, grinning, and adding, “but it allows me to have fun.”

Present in the audience were ‘The Office’ star Martin Freeman and [a][/a] and Mo’Wax founder James Lavelle. In 2001 Axelrod released a self-titled album on Mo’Wax, and has worked with both Lavelle and DJ Shadow.

Axelrod was an acclaimed producer for Capitol throughout the 1950-60s and went on to record a series of solo albums that would be pivotal to the development of electronic music.