Richard Ashcroft: “My name will be bigger than The Verve”

The former frontman talks his latest solo album

Richard Ashcroft has said he believes his name will be bigger than The Verve thanks to the songs on his latest album.

New album ‘These People’ is his first since 2010’s ‘United Nations Of Sound’ and was recorded largely in Ashcroft’s basement home studio. It features orchestration from Wil Malone, who worked with Ashcroft on The Verve’s ‘Northern Soul’ and the ten million-selling ‘Urban Hymns’ as well as his 2000 debut solo album ‘Alone With Everybody’.

Speaking to The Guardian, Ashcroft said “I’ve had tons of incredible conversations with people who say they got married or buried relatives to my songs. My mission now is to reconnect with that sleeping audience and get us all to congregate in one place, cos I’ve seen what happens when we release that valve.”


He continued to say that he believes there are moments on this album that will make people “feel” and are “exhilarating”.

“Hearing ‘This Is How It Feels’ on the radio was an amazing feeling, like starting again,” he said. “But I believe that in the end my name will be bigger then the Verve because of all those great tunes and the power of what I stand for.”

He also stated that he would never trade what Coldplay have achieved for any of his songs. “I know Chris would probably give up a certain amount of his kingdom for Bitter Sweet Symphony,” he continued.

Ashcroft recalled his time in The Verve, stating that the music industry “don’t look after [our] young people.” ‘These People’ is set for release on May 20.