Everything you need to know about 'Human Conditions' is right here...

RICHARD ASHCROFT has announced final details of his new album ‘HUMAN CONDITIONS’.

His second solo album is released on October 21, preceded by a new single, ‘Check the Meaning’ on October 7.

The album’s tracklisting runs: ‘Check the Meaning’

‘Buy It in Bottles’

‘Bright Lights’


‘God in the Numbers’

‘Science of Silence’

‘Man On A Mission’

‘Running Away’

‘Lord I’ve Been Trying’

‘Nature is the Law’

As previously revealed on NME.COM, Ashcroft said the record is the first of two within a year.

He declared: “The creative process ain’t going to stop now, so I’m aiming to release this album in early October and then, in 11 or 12 months time, the next one will come out.

“I think there’s been quite a few times in the past where I‘ve felt like a star player dogged by injury. I’d love it if there was a more realistic creative approach to making music rather than feeling that every record is some kind of comeback, or another chance. Another chance at what? I’ve already succeeded! I’ve got nothing to lose.”