NME.COM meet the threesome as they gear up for tonight's charity gig at the London Scala...

PULP, STEREOPHONICS and RICHARD ASHCROFT teamed up in LONDON this afternoon (April 18) to promote a concert to raise money for cancer charities.

The three are amongst a stellar line-up who will perform at the London Scala tonight, a show billed as a celebration of the life of Scott Piering – a legendary music plugger who died from cancer in 2000.

“Scott Piering was the guy that took us on when nobody was interested in us at all.” Jarvis Cocker told NME.COM. “Because he was independent and chose what he wanted to work on, he worked really hard for us. The most extreme example of his behaviour was on one of our singles, ‘Razzmatazz’. He went to Radio 1 with ‘Pulp’ shaved into the back of his head. That’s a bit beyond the call of duty!”

Richard Ashcroft, who was an hour late for the conference added: “(Scott) made me feel sane when most of the people made me feel insane. He was in it for the right reasons. He made me feel like I wasn’t as insane as the rest of the business was telling me that I was.

“He was the antithesis of what’s going on now in our popular music culture. He was battling to get music on the radio when to get a track on the radio was impossible. It was great for him to see a lot of groups that he really championed come through.”

Other bands who will perform tonight include [/a], Luke Haines, [a], [a][/a], Placebo and Badly Drawn Boy. From ticket sales they hope to raise £25,000, and a DVD is also being planned for release later in the year.