And the forthcoming record will be one of TWO new albums from the star in the near future...

RICHARD ASHCROFT has named his new album ‘HUMAN CONDITIONS’ and it will be one of TWO new albums, NME.COM can reveal.

Speaking exclusively to this website the day before he put the finishing touches to the first one, he declared: “The creative process ain’t going to stop now, so I’m aiming to release this album in early October and then, in 11 or 12 months time, the next one will come out.

“I think there’s been quite a few times in the past where I‘ve felt like a star player dogged by injury. I’d love it if there was a more realistic creative approach to making music rather than feeling that every record is some kind of comeback, or another chance. Another chance at what? I’ve already succeeded! I’ve got nothing to lose.”

NME.COM heard three tracks off the first as-yet-untitled album, recorded at London’s Metropolis studios with producer Chris Potter. ‘Buy It In Bottles’, premiered at February’s Teenage Cancer Benefit at The Royal Albert Hall, is steeped in country melancholy, while the stringed ballad ‘Lord I’ve Been Trying’ builds on the orchestral blueprint of ‘Alone With Everybody’, a classic Ashcroft vocal that sees him singing “gotta get rid of these blues”.

More unusual is the powerful soul-tinged orchestral blast of ‘Check The Meaning’‘. “It’s like a prayer from an agnostic who’s caught in the crossfire,” is how Ashcroft explains it. “Until the fantasy of the World Cup started, I thought we were staring down the barrel of World War Three. People may want to call me crass for saying ‘my mind’s meditating on love’ but I don’t give a fuck”.

For more on ‘Human Conditions’, see this week’s NME, which is out now.