Richard Ashcroft claims Netflix wants to make docudrama based on ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ dispute

The Verve famously were involved in a copyright dispute over the song's sample of The Rolling Stones' 'The Last Time'

Richard Ashcroft has said that Netflix wants to make a docudrama about the ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ copyright dispute.

The Verve hit was the centre of an infamous copyright row with The Rolling Stones’ ex-manager Allen Klein over its sampling of the Stones’ ‘The Last Time’.

The dispute was resolved in 2019, with Ashcroft and The Verve no longer having to pay royalties to Klein’s company ABKCO. Speaking to the Daily Express, the band’s frontman said: “The way [the song] has come back to me is fantastic.”


He continued to say that Netflix was looking at making a docudrama about the dispute. “I saw an absolutely terrible script Netflix were going to do about ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’,” he said. “It was an insight into just how far from reality these shows can go.

Richard Ashcroft
Richard Ashcroft (Picture: Getty)

“It was an absolute piece of garbage. It’s quite scary someone wanted to make it and make people believe it was the reality. I hope it doesn’t happen.”

Ashcroft re-recorded The Verve’s hit single for his recent ‘Acoustic Hymns Vol. 1’ album. In a three-star review, NME said: “Opener ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ is a sprawling, symphonic masterpiece reworked acoustically to allow Ashcroft’s gravelly vocals to take centre stage over subtle piano keys and twanging guitar chords.

“If you can get past his dubious views on COVID, ‘Acoustic Hymns Vol.1’ is well worth a listen – and an excellent reminder of some of both Ashcroft and The Verve’s finest work.”


Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Ashcroft said people should “stop knocking” Ed Sheeran. “The problem is that we don’t celebrate when people are doing well in music. Look at Ed Sheeran, I’m buzzing at how huge he is here and in America. We can be too cynical about people who are doing all right. Let’s stop knocking him. He’s British and I know how hard it is to be huge in America.”

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