Richard Ashcroft responds to ‘trolls’ claiming that drugs fell out of his pocket on ‘Soccer AM’

The Verve icon also took aim at X Factor

Richard Ashcroft has denied that a package of drugs fell from his pocket during an appearance on Soccer AM this weekend.

The former Verve turned solo star was a special guest on the Saturday morning football talk show. As he was introduced to the show, viewers noticed that some kind of white debris fell from his trousers as he sat down, moments before he swooped down to pick it up.

A number of viewers soon shared footage on Twitter, suggesting that it was a small bag of drugs.

In a since-deleted Instagram video, Ashcroft claimed that it was simply litter. Check it out below.

“Just a quick message to a couple of you trolls on Twitter who are making a name for yourselves out of me – and also people moralising and virtue signalling,” said Ashcroft. “Number one: Cocaine and I have had no relationship for decades. Number two: Don’t you ever surmise what has fallen out of my pocket. And, don’t bring my children into it.”

He added: “You’re on thin ice. Don’t libel my name. My dad didn’t like litter and I don’t really like litter. But it gets a bit preposterous in my pocket.  In The Verve I was known as Colombo, so get your facts right. You’re on thin ice. Peace.”

He then joked about how many times the footage had been viewed – suggesting that he should have shot it for his latest music video instead.

The episode of Soccer AM also saw Ashcroft hit out at the X Factor, suggesting that young musicians should focus on their musicianship and songwriting instead.

“This is my advice, right – when X Factor comes on tonight, if you’re a budding musician, turn if off immediately and go an find an instrument,” said Ashcroft. “No matter how rubbish you are, within that hour you’ll have done more for your future than watching people that have no right to be judging anyone musically.”

He continued: “Every Saturday night they tell the youth of the nation that they need to queue up in the rain for them four to tell you whether you’re good or not. Turn your telly off, get hold of your guitar, your keyboard, your drum machine, however you make music, and spend that hour instead of watching the show making your own stuff.”

Ashcroft added: “So when it comes to it, you own your own material. You’re not going ‘Simon [Cowell], can I have a little more publishing on that tune? Simon, we’ve been on the road for three years – can we have a break?’

Ashcroft’s new solo album ‘Natural Rebel’ is set for release on October 19.

Richard Ashcroft on tour

Meanwhile, his upcoming UK tour dates are below. Tickets are available here.

Friday October 26– Glasgow Barrowlands
Sunday October 28– Middlesborough Town Hall
Monday October 29– Nottingham Rock City
Wednesday October 31 – Manchester Albert Hall
Friday November 2 – Kentish Town Forum, London