Jeez! First Louise, now Richard - our pop kids must be having seizures!...

A spokeswoman for CHANNEL 4 and MTV EUROPE presenter and comedian RICHARD BLACKWOOD has dismissed reports in today’s press (January 25) that the multi-talented performer has been dropped by his label, WEA, but admitted that the star is likely to be leaving his musical career on the back-burner.

“Richard has not been dropped,” she told NME.COM. “Richard and Warner agreed by mutual consent that it wasn’t working at the moment. He has a million and one things on, he’s just had a baby and has a new TV series, and he doesn’t like doing things by half.”

Warner signed the comedian and TV host for #1.5m last year, leading to two Top Ten hits, followed by ‘Somewhere There For Me’, which reached a disappointing number 17. Today’s Sun quotes an insider as saying, “The main problem is he’s more interested in TV and hasn’t put his energy into his pop career.”

His spokeswoman noted that Warners’ option on the contract had expired, but maintained that should Richard return to music this year with an album, then it would “very likely” be released on the label, adding, “Dialogue is ongoing between the two and it’s an open-ended arrangement.”