Richard Hawley, Golden Silvers, Girls – free gigs this week (begins September 21)

Your guide to the best free live music around the UK

Welcome to NME.COM‘s guide to this week’s free gigs (week beginning September 21).

From record shop in-stores to one-off events and signing sessions, we feature the best free live music in the UK.

Check back every Monday to see what free live events are happening near you.


This week’s free events are listed below (all times are BST).

September 21:
Get Back Guinozzi, London Pure Groove (1.15pm)
FrYars, London Rough Trade East (7pm)

September 22:
Girls, London Rough Trade East (7pm)
Example, London Pure Groove (7.30pm)
Golden Silvers, London Flowerpot (9pm)

September 23:
Teenagersintokyo, London Rough Trade East (7pm)

September 24:
FrYars, London Pure Groove (7.30pm)
Rum Shebeen, London Flowerpot (9pm)

September 25:
Richard Hawley, London Rough Trade East (7pm)
Azealia Banks, Piney Gir, London Cargo (7pm)
Young Husband & Emmy The Great, London Pure Groove (7.30pm)

September 26:
Christian Kleine, Edinburgh Avalanche (5pm)


September 27:
Lovvers, London Rough Trade East (6pm)