Rick Ross says he’ll never drive a Tesla because “the government could tap into the brain of the car”

“What, you think it can’t? That bitch self-drive!”

Rick Ross has shared his skepticism on the technological benefits of smart cars, saying in a new video that he’ll never drive a Tesla because he believes it could autonomously drive him to a police station against his will.

In a clip shared last week by All Urban Central, Ross explained that while he’s not outright against the idea of one day owning a smart car, he’s never ridden inside a Tesla because he has “always had, in the back of [his] mind, [the idea that] the government could tap into the brain of the car”.

The rapper goes on to imagine a scenario where a police officer asks, “Where’s Rick?” before typing something on a keyboard and forcing his Tesla to reroute itself. When he’s challenged on his theory by someone offscreen, Ross quips back: “What, you think it can’t? That bitch self-drive[s]! They got pieces bringing you pieces, robot cars, tacos… so if you get in that [inaudible] it’s gonna lock the door and take you where it wanna go.”


Have a look at Ross explaining his theory below:

This isn’t the first time Ross has made headlines for curious behaviour; last November, for example, he spoke out to refute claims he’s a hoarder after a video of his cluttered mansion went viral. Defending his surplus of watches, cars and other expensive goods, Ross declared: “To me, it’s national treasures. Once I own it, it becomes a national treasure.”

Ross’ latest music release was his 11th album, ‘Richer Than I Ever Been’, which arrived in December of 2021 via Maybach and Epic. It earned a three-star review from NME’s Will Lavin, who wrote that “while disciples of Kanye West are still hankering for the ‘old Kanye’ to come back, Ross consistently portrays the ‘old Rozay’, garnering successful results more times than not”.

Last August was a particularly busy month for the Mississippi rapper, appearing on DJ Khaled‘s album ‘God Did’ and announcing a show with the all-Black Orchestra Noir (which itself went down in November), but also being denied entry into Buckingham Palace and copping a hefty fine for labour law violations at some of his Wingstop franchises.

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