'She Bangs' contains a lyric that causes the prudish brigade's stiff upper lips to tremble once more...

The British stiff upper lip has forced Latino heart-throb RICKY MARTIN to change the lyrics to his new single ‘SHE BANGS’.

The track, due for a UK release on 30 October, contains the line “she blew me off”, which has been deemed unsuitable for British radio, according to UK press reports.

Explaining the move, a spokesperson explained: “In America and many other countries, the phrase ‘she blew me off’ just means that a girl has dumped a guy, but in Britain it means something totally different so the line is going to be replaced.”

It is unclear what the offending line will be replaced with. It will retained when the single is released throughout the rest of the world.

‘She Bangs’ will be the first single to be released from Martin‘s forthcoming sixth album, scheduled for release later in the autumn through Columbia.