The star is to perform 'The Cup Of Life' at President -elect George W Bush's inaugural celebration - but the song's writer claims the Republicans are using Latinos as "pawns"...

RICKY MARTIN has inadvertently found himself at the centre of an intense political disagreement after revealing plans to perform ‘THE CUP OF LIFE’ at President-elect GEORGE W BUSH’s inaugural celebration this Thursday (January 18).

According to MTV news, though careful to point out that his disgruntlement is not aimed at Martin personally, the song’s writer – Grammy-nominated Robi ‘Draco’ Rosa – objects to the fact that the Republicans are hijacking Latinos, claiming “It’s about Bush using my song and Latinos and Ricky as pawns.”

He continues: “I’m not going to be a monkey performing at the palace. I’m all for celebrating with my people, but only when it’s for something real. This is a President who would have people in his cabinet who would obstruct the exercise of civil rights, human rights, consumer rights, the right to choose, the right to be free of gun violence and the right to a clean environment. This is a betrayal of everything that every Puerto Rican should stand for.”

Ricky Martin has yet to issue a statement.