Ricky Wilson: “Politics is like ‘The X Factor’ for ugly people”

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman also says he'd be "out of his depth" on Question Time

Ricky Wilson has revealed his less than favourable views on UK politicians saying they all “want to be famous, often for the wrong reasons.”

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman, who released a World Cup song with Freddie Flintoff last week, compared UK politics to The X Factor.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Wilson said: “Politics is just like The X Factor for ugly people, isn’t it?” He added that, unlike some music stars, he isn’t interested in making political statements anytime soon, saying: “I don’t see myself as the kind of pop star that parades around his personal opinions.”


“We all get our chance, on a political level, to get into a booth and tick a box, right? If you want to influence people on what box to tick, then do that if that’s the sort of person you are. Sometimes, especially with politics, I think people just know the way you stand on something by the music you make. You don’t always have to be vocal about it.”

He added: “I don’t want to start spouting shit and go on Question Time because I’d be out of my depth.”

Thirteen years after their 2005 debut album ‘Employment’, Kaiser Chiefs are set to release a new album next year and will tour the UK this summer. Tickets are available here.

Meanwhile, the band recently warned fans not to accept Facebook friend requests from an account purporting to be the frontman’s. “If you’ve received a Facebook friend request from “Ricky Wilson”, please be aware that this is a scam,” they wrote on Twitter. “It’s not @Rickontour, he doesn’t have a private profile.”

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