The hits compilation will be accompanied by a reissue of all their studio albums...

RIDE are to release a greatest hits album, as well as reissuing remastered albums from their back catalogue.

The hits album, titled ‘OX4 – The Best Of’ is released on September 10 as a 3CD box set. Compiled by the band, the album features a CD of hits, a CD of unreleased material, while the final CD is a live recording from their appearance at the 1992 Reading Festival.

In addition to the hits compilation, the band plan to release their studio albums ‘Smile’, ‘Nowhere’, ‘Going Blank Again’, ‘Carnival Of Light’ and ‘Tarantula’ in a remastered form with bonus tracks.

The tracklisting for ‘0X4 – The Best Of’ runs:


‘Chelsea Girl’

‘Drive Blind’

‘Like A Daydream’


‘Dreams Burn Down’

‘Vapour Trail’


‘Leave Them All Behind’




‘From Time To Time’

‘How Does It Feel To Feel?’

‘I Don’t Know Where It Comes From’

‘Black Nite Crash’


‘Something’s Burning’

‘Chelsea Girl [4-track demo]’


‘Dreams Burn Down Dub’

‘She’s So Fine’

‘New Age’

‘Tongue Tied’

‘Everybody Knows

‘I’m Fine Thanks’

‘Xmas Song’

‘King Bullshit’

‘Smile [4-track demo]’

‘Welcome To Paradise’

‘In A Different Place (Differently)’


CD3 Live – Reading Festival 1992

‘Leave Them All Behind’


‘Not Fazed’


‘Like A Daydream’


‘Time Of Her Time’


‘Vapour Trail’


‘Close My Eyes’

‘Mouse Trap’