Listen to Ride’s new anti-Theresa May track ‘All I Want’

Third song to be released from upcoming album 'Weather Diaries'

Ride have shared another track from their long-awaited new album ‘Weather Diaries’. The song, titled ‘All I Want’, is said to be a response to Theresa May’s politics.

The four-piece, considered to be pioneers of shoegaze, last released a full-length record, ‘Tarantula’, back in March 1996. The band broke up later that year. Their new record will be released on June 16 via Wichita Recordings.

Having already shared two new songs from the LP, ‘Charm Assault’ and ‘Home Is A Feeling’, the band have now unveiled ‘All I Want’. Take a listen below.


Ride’s Andy Bell has said of the new song: “The day we recorded ‘All I Want,’ Theresa May had announced that her government would be making firms list their foreign workers. As it turned out that never happened because of the outcry about it, but that was the origin of the line comparing the UK to 1930’s Germany. It’s not like Ride are ‘going political’ it’s more that the current state of the UK is so terrible that we could not avoid writing about it when we were writing lyrics for the album.”

Drummer Laurence “Loz” Colbert added: “For the drums on ‘All I Want,’ Erol [Alkan, producer] and I sat down and went through every beat of a seven-minute improvised drum take, which we edited to create the finished arrangement. It was a very liberating experience! And one I would love to repeat, as there is something special about those first musical reactions to things.”

Ride have played a number of live dates since they reformed, and recently addressed rumours that they were set to support Oasis during a potential reunion tour. They have also announced North American live dates for 2017.

After a brief reconciliation in 2001 for a live televised performance, Ride officially reunited in 2014, with guitarist Andy Bell telling NME at the time that: “As we were all still friends, we always thought when the time was right we’d [reform]. And now the time is right.”


Gardener also told NME at the time of their 2014 return that: “People bought our records first time round, but our music has grown in significance since we’ve been away… We want to give the people what they want. We’d be idiots to go out and play a new album, but that’s not to say we wouldn’t make new music.”

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