Ride share another new track, ‘Home Is A Feeling’

It follows on from the recently released 'Charm Assault'

Ride have shared another new song, their second in 24 hours.

Having unveiled ‘Charm Assault’ – their first new track in 20 years – yesterday (February 21), the band have now followed it up with ‘Home Is A Feeling’, which is a more laid-back and dreamy affair that its predecessor.

This new track was premiered today (February 22) via Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio. Listen below.


Frontman Mark Gardener says of the track: “‘Home Is A Feeling’ to me is like a slow, wide-screen, sonically, layered, slowed motion warm wash. Like returning home as dawn rises totally exhausted and spangled after a long… long… big, great night out'”.

Guitarist Andy Bell adds: “Out of all the new songs ‘Home Is A Feeling’ comes closest to the early Ride sound. We felt comfortable going vintage on this tune because the album we are making has a pretty broad sonic scope. It’s a short and sweet, melodic tune, with stacked harmonies, reverbed-out guitars, slowed down drums, and a huge distorted bass sound. Erol [Alkan, producer] put his sage-scented electronic wizards hat on to sample up some of our harmonies and make them into a synthesiser preset, which we ended up using on this and some of the other tunes too. We wanted this song to sound jet lagged, so everything on it was recorded with varispeed, either faster or slower than real time. It’s like 1966 Beatles meets 1988 MBV [My Bloody Valentine]… in other words, Ride.”

Ride previously confirmed that they have signed to Wichita Records for a new album, their fifth to date, out this summer. The LP has been produced by Erol Alkan and mixed by Alan Moulder.

The four-piece, considered to be pioneers of shoegaze, last released a full-length record, ‘Tarantula’, back in March 1996. The band broke up later that year.

After a brief reconciliation in 2001 for a live televised performance, Ride officially reunited in 2014, with guitarist Andy Bell telling NME at the time that: “As we were all still friends, we always thought when the time was right we’d [reform]. And now the time is right.”


Gardener also told NME at the time of their 2014 return that: “People bought our records first time round, but our music has grown in significance since we’ve been away… We want to give the people what they want. We’d be idiots to go out and play a new album, but that’s not to say we wouldn’t make new music.”

Ride have played a number of live dates since they reformed, and recently addressed rumours that they were set to support Oasis during a potential reunion tour.