Right Said Fred singer taken to hospital for COVID but is still against vaccine

He said he will "absolutely not" be getting the vaccine

Right Said Fred singer Richard Fairbrass has been taken to hospital after being diagnosed with COVID.

Despite his hospitalisation, the musician is still refusing to accept the COVID vaccination.

Right Said Fred, made up of brothers Richard and brother Fred, have received widespread criticism online over the last year after voicing their opposition to the vaccine on multiple occasions.


The duo also tweeted pictures from an anti-vaccination march they attended last September in central London.

Over the last week, Richard, aged 67, caught COVID and was taken to hospital after suffering from breathing difficulties.

Per Clash, the musician spent four nights in hospital before returning to his home in Windsor.

Speaking to reporters outside his home, he said: “I’ve had a bit of Covid, it wasn’t too bad. I was a little breathless, I felt very tired.”

He went on to add that he was still “absolutely not” getting the vaccine despite contracting the virus.


Previously Richard called the vaccine a “scam” and has since doubled down on his views, telling MailOnline: “This vaccine is only for experimental use. I’m absolutely not going to have one now.”

Data for Public Health England says that 74 per cent of people admitted to hospital under 50 have not received their second or first jab.

Almost two-thirds of those under 50 who have died from the virus did so without receiving either dose of vaccination, their statistics add.

Earlier this month, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van-Tam said that an estimated 22million cases had been prevented thanks to the vaccine programme.