Woman claims Rihanna lipstick gave her herpes

Starkeema Greenidge says she contracted the virus at the singer's concert in Brooklyn

A New York woman has opened a lawsuit after claiming that she contracted oral herpes from a sample of Rihanna‘s signature lipstick shade.

Starkeema Greenidge states that she caught the virus from a sample of make-up brand MAC’s RiRi Woo lipstick which was given to her at the singer’s concert on May 7 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn when she visited the MAC Cosmetics pop-up store. Greenidge’s lawyers alleged to Manhattan’s supreme court that the sales assistant “didn’t use a fresh or new lipstick tube, but rather one that had been used for other patrons”.

The New York Daily News – via the Guardian – reports that two days after the lipstick sample was applied, Greenidge found a cold sore on her lips. “This is going to happen over and over again if nothing is done,” said Greenidge, a 28-year-old waitress. “I wasn’t able to work for two weeks. It cost me a lot of money.” Her lawyers state that MAC should have known that they were “exposing patrons to possible spread of disease”.

This isn’t the only current lawsuit related to Rihanna. The pop star herself is reportedly suing Topshop for an estimated £5 million. She is taking legal action against the UK high street fashion retailer after they apparently used her image on a t-shirt without her permission.

A source told the New York Post that Rihanna’s management asked the store to stop selling the t-shirt, but were allegedly told they would not. The source commented: “Rihanna’s management asked Topshop a number of times to stop selling her image and were told, ‘We do what we want.’ They buy the pictures from a photographer, but they do not pay the artist licensing fees. Unfortunately, UK law does not protect the artist. What is most offensive for Rihanna is that they basically told her, ‘Go to hell. We don’t care; we are going to continue selling you.'”