Rihanna teases her seventh album on Twitter

Singer's new single 'Diamonds' is set to premiere on US radio on Wednesday (September 26)

Rihanna has teased clues to her seventh album by posting a link to her new website on Twitter last night (September 22)

The ‘Talk That Talk’ singer, whose new single ‘Diamonds’ is set to premiere on US radio on Wednesday, directed her fans to the new website www.rihanna7.com in a series of tweets.

Rihanna also posted a picture from her official Instagram of the letter ‘R’, which has been formed with lyrics from potential songs and quotes about her life. Incidentally, the same picture is the holding page for the new website, above the words “coming soon”.

Meanwhile, the singer has described her new single ‘Diamonds’, which will be premiered on the Elvis Duran and The Morning Show on Wednesday, as being a “happy and hippy record”.

She told US radio presenter Elvis Duran during her visit to the iHeartRadio music festival yesterday that the new single was “laid-back ” and “hopeful”, adding: “It gives me such a great feeling when I listen to it. The lyrics are very hopeful and positive, but it’s about love and the gears are a little different from what people would expect. I’m excited to surprise them sonically.”

The news about Rihanna’s seventh studio album was accidently leaked by her label Def Jam’s French wing earlier this month. The label had to hastily delete their tweet breaking news of the record and issue a statement saying news on the album would be release later.