Producer The-Dream defends Rihanna and Chris Brown collaboration

Knob-twiddler says fans should support 'Talk That Talk' singer in forgiving her ex-boyfriend

Producer The-Dream has defended Rihanna‘s decision to work with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

The producer, whose real name is Terius Youngdell Nash, told Billboard that fans should support the singer after she teamed up with Brown for a remix of her track ‘Birthday Cake’.

Brown attacked Rihanna on the evening of the 2009 Grammy Awards and was subsequenrly sentenced to five years of probation and six months of community labour, but Nash said that it had been the ‘Talk That Talk’ star’s idea to work with him.

“It was Rih’s idea,” he said. “Not only do we work together, but [she] is a friend of mine. And it’s like, ‘You wanna do something? Then cool, let’s do it.’ I don’t know how she got the logistics and how it happened. Maybe she’ll talk about it one day.

He went on to add:

For me, it’s just music – two talented people doing a record together, doing two records together, and that’s what it was. It wasn’t about an incident that happened. The true thing really is to forgive, and you want to believe in people.

The producer also praised Rihanna for being able to forgive Brown. “I think [the topic] that should be more on the tongues is – how do we proclaim to be a nation of forgiving, and we go by all of these rules and everything, but we can’t actually do it?,” he said. It actually makes you look weaker than your adversary – if you don’t have “the power to forgive, but you lie and say that you did. If [Rihanna] can forgive, that’s where she is mentally. As a friend, it’s like, ‘Okay, cool. Let’s roll.'”

Yesterday, domestic violence experts warned Rihanna not to become too close to Brown again following their recent collaboration, as he doesn’t seem to have ”changed much” since he assaulted her three years ago.

Earlier this month, (February 10), a US court rejected his plea to end his probation term. Brown has completed an anger management programme as part of his rehabilitation and has been praised by various judges throughout his probation, but Superior Court Judge George Lomeli insisted he should continue to regularly report to a probation officer in his home state of Virginia for another two years.

For an in-depth report on the controversy about Rihanna and Chris Brown’s collaboration, pick up the new issue of NME, which is on UK newsstands and available digitally now.