Rihanna almost didn’t record ‘Work’ according to PartyNextDoor

The Canadian rapper had a couple of other names in mind for the track instead

Rihanna almost didn’t release her recent hit single ‘Work’ according to PartyNextDoor.

The Canadian rapper produced the track and said he had plans to give it to someone else if she turned it down.

In an interview with the New York Times, the 22-year-old said Rihanna’s record label “didn’t care for Caribbean music at the time”, but came around “when it was all that she could sing around the house.”


The producer said: “She fought for it. She said ‘This is my family’s favourite song’.”

If the star had passed the song up, PartyNextDoor said he had considered giving it to Drake, who made a guest appearance on the eventual release, or Alicia Keys.

He said he “openly share[s] music with Drake, especially when it’s time for him to have a project”, describing the ‘One Dance’ rapper as an “older brother I can text anytime”.

“[He’s] someone who’s super invested because my name is tied into his,” he said. “It’s just creatives cooking.

“If he sees something in a song of mine that he feels he can spin around and make better, who am I to say I’m going to selfishly keep it? As a fan of music, that’s wrong.”