Rihanna: ‘I don’t try to be controversial’

'Talk That Talk' singer insists her racy videos aren't merely about garnering headlines…

Rihanna has insisted that she doesn’t try to be controversial or release videos hoping that “they get banned”.

The ‘Talk That Talk’ singer has attracted widespread attention for her racy promos in the past. The video for her single ‘We Found Love’ was described as a “disgrace” by anti-rape campaigners after it showed her being spanked by male model Dudley O’Shaughnessy, while US pressure groups called for the video for her single ‘Man Down’ to be banned after they claimed it promoted murder, although she insisted it could help “give a voice to victims”. The video portrayed her shooting an attacker after being raped.

Speaking to the Radio Times, however, the star admitted that although she often went “a little too far”, she still saw her videos as pieces of art and not a method of generating column inches.

She said:

I never do anything to get banned, never do it for controversy. It’s always just honest and at times I just go a little too far for some.

She went on to add: “When I make a music video, it’s a piece of art. It’s four minutes to make a visual, for people to understand the message in the song.”

Last week (March 29), the singer also dismissed claims that she embraced her controversial image as a tool for publicity, and insisted she wasn’t interested in meeting “society’s standards” when making music.

Rihanna, who released her last album ‘Talk That Talk’ in November last year, has also revealed that she has started work on her next album. She is set to headline BBC Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend event – a huge outdoor festival set to take place this summer to celebrate the 2012 Olympic Games. Rihanna will headline the event’s second night (June 24), with Jay-Z closing the show on the event’s opening evening (June 23).