Rihanna starting work on new album

Singer says she's coming up with ideas for album number seven…

Rihanna has revealed that she has started work on her new album.

The singer only released her last studio LP ‘Talk That Talk’ in November last year but, in an interview with Capital FM, she said she had already begun sketching out the early stages of her next record.

She said:

I’m definitely thinking about the next record. I’m a multi-tasker. Right now we’re working on collecting and creating the sound first before we even start working on the lyrical direction or melodies. I kind of have an idea though, and it’s very rough right now. So I’m eager to start that.

Earlier this week (March 29), Rihanna shrugged off criticism that she was a bad role model for young women, and insisted that she wouldn’t tone down her racy image or controversial videos because it would compromise her art.

She previously came under fire from singer Will Young, who said her lyrics were “not empowering” for young women, while the video for her single ‘We Found Love’ was described as a “disgrace” by anti-rape campaigners after it showed her being spanked by male model Dudley O’Shaughnessy. US pressure groups also called for the video for her single ‘Man Down’ to be banned after they claimed it promoted murder.

Rihanna is set to headline BBC Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend event – a huge outdoor festival set to take place this summer to celebrate the 2012 Olympic Games. Rihanna will headline the event’s second night (June 24), with Jay-Z closing the show on the event’s opening evening (June 23).