Pictures of Rihanna appearing to smoke marijuana emerge

Singer also makes references to the drug on Twitter

Rihanna has sparked fresh controversy after photographs emerged of the singer appearing to smoke marijuana.

The star, who is currently taking a break in Hawaii, also took to her Twitter page to make two references to the drug.

She wrote:

Kush rolled, glass full… I prefer the better things.

The line refers to a lyric taken from Drake‘s song, ‘Up All Night’, where the rapper talks about smoking marijuana.

She also tweeted, “4:20… Hi”, referencing a term associated with cannabis culture involving Californian teenagers in the 1970s who would meet after school at 4.20pm to smoke the drug.

Last year, the singer courted controversy when the video for her last single ‘We Found Love’ was banned in France. During the shoot for the clip she was also forced to cover up after a farmer in Ireland objected to her “state of undress”.

Her video for ‘S&M’ was also banned in more than 10 countries after being deemed too sexually explicit to be shown on television.