Rihanna thanks US pressure groups for making ‘Man Down’ a success

Singer takes to Twitter to express her gratitude over controversial music video

Rihanna has thanked a series of US pressure groups who attacked her controversial music video for ‘Man Down’.

The singer has taken to her Twitter page Twitter.com/RIHANNA to thank The Parents Television Council in particular who criticised the song, saying it promotes murder. Rihanna responded, saying she wanted the track to ‘give a voice to victims’.

The video portrays the singer shooting her attacker after being raped.

‘Man Down’ is the most viewed video on YouTube this week! Special thanks to PTC and #RihannaNavy. #ManDown this is why I FUCK with yall!!! RiRiLovers+RiriHaters, you all made this a success!!! And I truly thank you!” she wrote.

She added: “I bring the clip to you, and you take over from there! And I love that you love them! And I love you guys even more.”

You can watch the ‘Man Down’ video below.