Rihanna’s ‘Man Down’ is ‘answer to Bob Marley’s ‘I Shot The Sheriff”

Producers say violent track was inspired by Marley

The producers behind Rihanna‘s ‘Man Down’ single have claimed that it was intended as a resnonse to Bob Marley‘s ‘I Shot The Sheriff’.

The track and its video, which portrays the singer shooting her attacker after being raped, has attracted controversy. The Parents Television Council attacked the song, saying it promotes murder. Rihanna responded, saying she wanted the track to ‘give a voice to victims’.

Now production duo Rock City, consisting of brothers Theron and Timothy Thomas have entered the discussion, saying they drew inspiration from Marley.


Timothy told MTV News: “When we wrote the song, me and my brother were trying to recreate in the best way possible, you know, like Bob Marley‘s ‘I Shot The Sheriff’, the female version of what that would be.”

Theron added: “We wanted the song to be something where everybody had an opinion. Some people felt it was literal, some people felt it was literal, some people felt it was a metaphor.”

Responding to the controversy over the song’s video, he continued: “It’s like somebody wrote a script for a movie and she delivered it perfectly. I just think sometimes people need something to talk about… ’cause when you listen to the song word-for-word, if she shot it theatrically how [the lyrics are], it probably would have been a little [more graphic] if you ask me.”

You can watch the ‘Man Down’ video below.

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