Rihanna sued by photographer over ‘S&M’ video

Philip Paulus claims singer stole one of his images

Rihanna is being sued by a photographer over allegations that she lifted one of his images for her ‘S&M’ video.

Snapper Philip Paulus is claiming that one shot in which the singer is pressed up against a cellophane-like wall marked with Xs is derived from his Paperworld series, reports Rolling Stone.

This is the second time the singer has been sued by a photographer over images in the raunchy video.

Back in February, celebrity photographer and filmmaker David LaChappelle filed a suit against the singer, Def Jam Recordings and Black Dog Films alleging that eight scenes from the clip were directly lifted from his work.

Rihanna‘s defence lawyers denied the claims and said LaChappelle‘s complaint was “effectively trying to monopolise an entire subject matter or genre in two different mediums.”

Her lawyers have stated that since the nature of film and photography are very different, the effect of the work changes even if the subject matter and imagery are similar.