Rihanna back in the studio after Chris Brown incident

'Her refuge is music' says producer

Rihanna has entered the studio with producer Adanis to work on new material which the producer says is helping her get over the incident which saw singer Chris Brown get arrested for allegedly attacking her.

According to Adanis, the pair are working on material in Los Angeles, and are having to employ some shifty tactics to avoid photographers getting in and out of the studio, reports Hiphollywood.com

“She’s going in the same [musical] direction, just the evolution of what she already is – a super pop diva,” he said. “She’s doing OK. Of course, you know the situation, but she’s alright.

“You gotta remember she’s a kid still. With anybody goes through something you’ve got to bring yourself out of it. Her refuge is music, like it should be. Of course there are still remnants of ‘whatever’ from time to time, but she’s trying to move forward.

“She’s just easing back into it, just a couple of ideas here and there. It’s coming out good though. She always brings her best efforts every time she steps onto the stage or into the studio. There’s an eclipse of what she’s done before.”

Speaking about the tricky working conditions, Adanis added: “I worked through Gwen Stefani after she’d just had her baby. There were paparazzi everywhere. It’s kind of the same idea. With her she tries her best to avoid, from time to time they catch her.”

“[We’ve used] back doors, [and have sent] send fake cars with nobody in them into the studio [to divert photographers].”