Rihanna will get her jewellery back from police

Borrowed bling will be returned to her after hearing

Jewellery that Rihanna borrowed in February will be returned to her by the Los Angeles Police Department after a judge ruled it will not be required for evidence if the Chris Brown alleged assault case goes to trial.

The singer was wearing $1.4 million in borrowed bling the night she was allegedly beaten by then-boyfriend Brown. Prosecutors have now agreed that photos of the jewellery will suffice as evidence in the case, reports the Associated Press.

An agreement reached this morning will allow Rihanna to return the jewellery, consisting of one pair of earrings and three rings, to the companies from which it was borrowed.

Brown is accused of beating Rihanna on February 8 after the pair got into an argument. It has not yet been decided if the case will go to trial.

–By our New York staff.
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