Rihanna expected to release another new video next month

Director Tim Erem speaks about an unseen clip in new interview

The director behind the second of Rihanna‘s two ‘Work’ music videos has suggested that the star could release another clip shortly.

Rihanna premiered a two-part video for latest single ‘Work’ on Monday (February 22). The first half was helmed by Director X, while Tim Erem directed the latter part.

Speaking to The Fader, Swedish director Erem revealed that his original treatment for the ‘Work’ video was eventually used for another song. He said that it would “hopefully come out in a month or something”.

Erem explained: “We shot [the unseen video] and then we decided, let’s change the track for it and we’ll do the pink room [for ‘Work’]… We just used the pink room because everyone seemed to like the pink room so much.”

DJ Khaled previously shared photos from what he claimed to be behind-the-scenes at a Rihanna video shoot. One of the images included a Louis Vuitton-patterned horse.

Asked whether said horse would feature in the upcoming clip, Erem said: “The horse is still alive. We didn’t kill any horses. Who knows? You might see her on a horse at some later point. You never know. I’m not going to get into that, I’m going to keep it as a surprise. Whatever we’ve done with that, according to me, is the best—that’s my baby. That’s something that will come out pretty soon.”

On the chemistry between Rihanna and guest star Drake in the video, Erem added: “They’re really good friends and everything felt so natural. It felt really good. I don’t think this would have been as good with someone else. I’m not going to name names, but this is a perfect match. The track, the video, and everything. It was really intimate and that’s what I think makes the video so good: their whole chemistry, which is just so authentic. They’re two really close friends who are really fucking good performers.”

See footage of DJ Khaled behind-the-scenes at a Rihanna video shoot below.