Rihanna hints at plans to team up with Jennifer Lopez

Pair reveal possible collaboration ahead of release of new animated movie 'Home'

Rihanna has hinted that she may be set to collaborate with Jennifer Lopez.

The pair are both star in the new Dreamworks animated film, Home, with Lopez voicing the character of Lucy, the mother of Rihanna’s character Tip.

Speaking of a possible team up, the singer told Grazia magazine: “When you hear Jennifer, her voice has that warmth and safeness that my mother’s has. It has that tone. It’s almost like it can hug you. I love her. She is great.”


Lopez also said a musical collaboration could be on the cards.

She told E! News: “I’m a huge Rihanna fan and I feel like she’s such a girl’s girl, which I love, because I’m a girl’s girl and she seems very sweet. Who wouldn’t? [want to collaborate with her].”

Speaking about her character in Home, Rihanna added: “Tip is vibrant, she’s very strong, very independent and very sassy, but she’s also very sensitive and all those things I identify with – characteristics that drew her to me.

“I was always sassy, I was like that at six-years-old. But I was also shy. I’m a very shy person even to this day.

“When I’m comfortable with you, that’s when you really start to see the other colours of my personality coming out.”

Two new Rihanna tracks recently surfaced online.


Entitled ‘As Real As You And Me’ and ‘Dancing In The Dark’, the songs will feature on the Home soundtrack.