Rihanna criticised for using Islamic Hadith during fashion show

"[It's] disgusting and extremely disrespectful"

Rihanna has been criticised for using a song that contains a narration from an Islamic Hadith during her recent Savage X Fenty fashion show.

Taking place on Friday (October 2), there was a point in the singer’s show where Rico Nasty was introduced while a track called ‘Doom’ played in the background.

Created by a London-based producer Coucou Chloe, the track remixes audio that features a Hadith which talks about the signs of the Judgment Day and the end of times.

Hadiths are sacred texts in Islam, which represent the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad.

All Muslims are said to recognise the importance of the texts, with Metro describing them as “a source of guidance for Muslims in their daily lives.”

Coming under fire for her decision to use the track, a number of people have criticised Rihanna, with some urging her to do more research before making a decision in the future.

“i feel like islamaphobia is so normalised to the point where people are calling us dramatic for being mad when our religion gets disrespected?” one person tweeted. “hadith are sacred words of the prophet, they’re used to guide muslims & are second to only the Quran. rihanna should know better.”

Another wrote: “Rihanna why is your attitude so bad and what is this? you insult the hadith, where is your mind? we Muslims are really angry and disappointed by your attitude. Alquran and hadits are the guidance of Muslims why can you do like this? Damn you!”

Another person said Rihanna “alienated the Muslim community” in a show that “was supposed to be a keystone for ‘inclusion’.”

“okay the fact that rihanna’s show was supposed to be a keystone for ‘inclusion’ while she completely alienated the Muslim community by disrespecting a Hadith recitation is the perfect showcase of how fashion brands & the media have never considered us as a part of their audience,” they wrote.

Previously, Rihanna was celebrated for using a hijabi model in one of her past beauty campaigns for her cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty. However, it’s now being pointed out that she “cant even take the time to actually educate” herself on the model’s religion.

“So disturbing how rihanna and her team used a muslim hijabi girl in their fenty makeup line but cant even take the time to actually educate themselves on her religion!” one person tweeted. “A line thats supposed to ”represent”diversity no less.”

They added: “There’s literally no excuse for this! A whole line using diversity for their aesthetics but fck muslims I guess….”

See more tweets from people criticising Rihanna’s decision to use ‘Doom’ during her fashion show below:

Rihanna is yet to respond to the backlash.

Meanwhile, Rihanna says she has held “tons of writing camps” to produce material for a new album, according to a new interview.

The pop star told Associated Press that she was now attempting to conceptualise the material for a follow up to 2016’s ‘Anti’.

“What do I feel personally? What do I want to put out, and as an artist, how do I want to play it with my art? How do I want to interpret that?” Rihanna said.

“How do I want to reimagine it because it’s been so structured before?”