Rihanna demands that every vote is counted in U.S. election: “We will wait”

"Count - every - vote - we - will - wait - "

Rihanna has joined the legions of voices demanding that every vote in the U.S. election is counted.

It comes as Joe Biden edges close to the presidency, with The Guardian reporting that he is only six electoral college votes away from securing victory over Donald Trump.

However, Trump prematurely claimed victory yesterday and vowed to go to the U.S. Supreme Court to prevent further votes from being counted in some of the country’s key battlegrounds.


On Twitter, he has also peddled conspiracy theories and misinformation about ballot-counting, forcing the site to put disinformation warnings alongside his tweets.

Posting on her social media pages, Rihanna wrote: “Count – every – vote – we – will – wait – “.

Her post came hours after widespread projections called the state of Arizona for Biden, a major step on his path to the Presidency.

There has also been widespread unrest in Detroit, with supporters of the President seen chanting “Stop the count!” as they attempted to make their way inside the convention centre where votes are being counted.

Rihanna is an outspoken critic of the president, previously describing him as “the most mentally ill person in America”.


It was confirmed yesterday that Joe Biden has earned the most votes of any presidential candidate in US election history, surpassing the total Barack Obama achieved in 2008. He is now the overwhelming bookies favourite to win.

With a number of states still to call, Biden has a running total of 69,629,972, according to the Associated Press. President Obama won in 2008 with 69,498,516, which was the highest ever recorded.