Rihanna is working with Pharrell Williams on her ninth album

Riri is hard at work

Rihanna has confirmed that she’s heading into the studio with Pharrell Williams as work on her next album continues.

The singer, who is yet to release the follow-up to 2016’s ‘Anti‘, revealed the plans when asked about how she intends to spend Valentine’s Day.

“I’m going to be in the studio. I’m so excited actually. I can’t say who I’m working with, but it’s somebody I’ve been wanting to work with him for a long time,” she told The Cut.


When pushed to reveal the artist she is working with, Rihanna replied: “Okay, I’ll tell you. [It’s] Pharrell.”

Rihanna’s album is highly anticipated by fans. Credit: Getty

As fans eagerly await the follow up to 2016’s ANTI, Rihanna recently told Entertainment Tonight that she likes to “antagonise” her fans when it comes to album delays.

She explained: “I like to antagonise my fans a little bit… Well, they antagonise me, too! So they get it right back.”

Rihanna is yet to announce any concrete details about her upcoming album, although it has been widely reported that the record will be influenced by dancehall and reggae.


Back in January, Rihanna also denied recent claims made by Shaggy that he was invited to appear on her new album but declined on the grounds that he “didn’t need to audition”.

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